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NEWS Banana Paper Corona situation

Thank you to many people who are concerned about the Africa of banana paper.

In total, there are 54 countries on the African continent. The total population of Africa is about 1.2 billion people. Currently, (as of 8/20), the number of people infected with corona is about 1.15 million in Africa and about 10,000 in Zambia. *Source: John Hopkins University, Worldometer

Our banana paper factory is close to national parks, so our main industry is safari tourism from abroad. About 40 lodges (hotels) in the area have been severely damaged. Most of our employees live in nearby villages, so poverty in the village is severe.

At our Zambia plant, we took the following measures:

・Preventive education for team members

Even during the one-month leave, salary plus prevention package is provided

・Purchase of masks

Locally, there are challenges that are unthinkable in developed countries such as Japan.

How to teach “hand washing” in a world without clean water and soap?

How can you boost immunity when food is not nutritionally balanced on a daily basis?

Prevention package during the holidays. We were also able to provide protein-rich ingredients and soap for everyone’s family.

Moreover, in the poorest areas, they live in small villages and small houses. In that situation, how do you ensure social distancing?

Thanks to this, team members working at the banana paper factory have access to clean water, soap, and nutritionally balanced food. We regularly teach them basic information about corona and precautionary principles such as how to wash their hands. We invited staff from the village clinic to learn about prevention based on the situation in Africa. For example: avoiding crowded churches, funerals, soccer matches, etc.

In April, the government called for people to refrain from going out, so banana paper factories were closed for one month.

It takes time to become a mask.

In a society where the welfare system does not function at all, loss of income = loss of life is possible. Under such circumstances, thanks to the support from the Japan, the banana paper factory was able to continue to provide salaries and supplies even during the closure. We were also able to provide protein-rich ingredients and soap for all members’ families.

Currently, I am back to working on banana paper while wearing masks, washing my hands thoroughly, and keeping a distance of 2 meters as much as possible.

Thank you for your support!