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We have banana paper product cutting paper, business cards, wrapping paper
, sustainable packaging, diplomas, and all chrysanthemum editions for the printing industry. In addition to sales at the online shop, we also accept consultations on original products. * The product was developed by the member companies of the Banana Paper Council.

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BananapaperBanana Paper Paper

We sell Fairtrade certified A4 paper, business card paper, A1 to A3 paper, and other paper according to the application.
Thickness: from 55g/m2 to 180g/m2. Please contact us for details.

>> Yamasakura Co., Ltd. Cut Paper A4 (55g) | A4 (100g)  |   A4 (180g)
>> Nisshindo Printing Co., Ltd. A1〜A4 cut paper

imageChrysanthemum full format, roll

For business use, we sell chrysanthemums in whole size and rolls. Please contact the banana paper distributor below. Thickness: from 55g/m2 to 180g.


BUSINESS CARDS Banana Paper Business Cards

imagebusiness card

This is a fairtrade certified banana paper business card delivered by Maruyoshi Nisshindo Printing, which is the industry's No. 1 eco-business card sales. An important communication tool that is indispensable for meeting good people. Simply switching to banana business card material is a step toward solving environmental problems.

>> Nisshindo Printing Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido)

business card

Speaking of business cards, banana paper has been added to Yamasakura's business cards as a fair trade product that is kind to both the environment and people. Available on single sides and with 10 impositions. It comes with a business card box designed for biodiversity and a sustainable world. We also offer Fairtrade certified banana business cards.

>> Order business cards Yamasakura Corporation |  Plain business card mount (Yamasakura)

business card

For customers in the suburbs of Tokyo who want to make banana paper business cards while consulting at first, Print Express is recommended. Please feel free to contact us.

>> Print Express business card Kawase Printing Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

imagebusiness card

If you choose a business card based on the material, there are many things that are good for you and the planet. A general trading company in the medical, welfare, and educational spaces is precisely why it is an "eco-business card".

>> J-et al-Toairand Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka) | Kitano Printing Shop (Asahikawa)



It is the world's first banana paper diploma. It will be produced to order. The photo shows the banana paper diploma adopted by Tokyo University of the Arts.

>> Miyazawa Corporation


In addition to diplomas, it can be used to store diplomas, certificates of completion, titles, letters of appreciation, certificates of commendation, guarantees, etc. It is also popular for placing appraisal certificates for environmentally friendly products. All products are made to order. The cost varies depending on the application, certificate storage method, size, specifications, and delivery date, so please feel free to contact us.

>> Miyazawa Corporation


Deed case square tube. It is produced to order. The standard size of the "Certificate Case Square Tube" is 360 mm × 45 mm square in length.

>> Miyazawa Corporation

PACKAGING Packaging, Containers, Packaging

Sustainable Packaging Packaging, Packaging

We propose packages and packaging according to the application and design. Custom-made production and printing. Please contact us for more information.

> Miyazawa Corporation


With banana paper that leads to solving environmental and poverty problems, you can produce promotional materials that increase the value of your company. Novelty for communicating SDGs within the company and business partners!

>> Fujitex Corporation | Novelty | Promotional Materials


Banana Paper Calendar STAND

A type of calendar that replaces the flipping shape and one by one. Both have the texture of banana paper.

>> Miyazawa Corporation

Banana Paper Calendar WALL

The text was drawn by bestselling author Keiko Yamashita, and the illustrations were drawn by students at Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts. It is a compact and easy-to-use calendar.

>> Maruwa Corporation

HANGERS Paper Hanger for Clothing

Banana Paper Hanger

Banana fiber × FSC forest certified pulp xFSC waste paper. It is also used in the fashion industry in Sweden, an environmentally advanced country. Perfect for the era of deplasticization.

>> Yamasakura Corporation

NOTEBOOKS Notebooks and pens

A4, A5 size

It is a notebook designed with an illustration of a banana embossed. Inside is plain banana paper. Size: A4, A5 available.

>> Miyazawa Corporation (Color) | Amazon (white)


It is a ring-shaped notebook. It can be used by a wide range of people from students to working adults. Sizes are also available from A5~A7.


>> Miyazawa Corporation | Amazon (A5, A6)


It is a sketchbook that is easy to write with paints, crayons, colored pencils, and any writing instrument. It can also be used as an album.


>> Miyazawa Corporation

Banana Paper Pen image(Paper Pen)
Except for the core, the entire body is banana paper! The cap is made of recycled paper and has the One Planet Paper logo. An environmentally recyclable pen, if used for more than one year, African banana trees will regenerate. When you're done using the pen, put it in the compost and it returns to the soil.

>> Miyazawa CorporationEco Store Paparagi (Fujisawa) | Amazon

FILES Paper Files

Paper Paper File is One Planet Paper® Original Paper File. Banana fiber × FSC forest certified pulp. The image color of banana paper is accompanied by the slogan "Be Serious, Go Bananas!" Design. Considering the environment, more and more people are switching from plastic files to paper files in Europe and the United States. Please use the Fair Trade banana paper file at your workplace or school.

>> Contact One Planet Café Inc.


imageBanana Paper EnvelopeIf
you need an envelope, banana paper envelopes contribute to the environment and society! The first FSC certified factory in the washi industry x banana paper. Size: 162 x 114 + flap 66mm. 100 pcs/box. Fairtrade banana fiber is made with more than 5% fiber and FSC – forest certified paper.

> Yamasakura Corporation


image72-e1423063506130_modifiedPamodzi Card
A mini message card with an animal motif. The product name Pamodzi means "together" in Nyanja, the local language of Zambia. Zambia and Japan staff want to connect producers and consumers through banana paper.

>> Yamasakura Corporation


The black shade zebra, which is abundant in Zambia, is characterized by clear thin stripes.


The motif is the endemic species of the South Luangugua region of Zambia, the thornycroft giraffe.


I designed a leopard, one of the Big 5 animals that is said to be very lucky to meet during safari.


3D memo pad ku ru ru ru

The three-dimensional memo "ku・ru・ru", which has won many stationery-related awards, has been joined by the banana paper animal series. It is a design stationery that combines practicality that can hide messages and two sides that can be enjoyed assembling.

>> Kamiteria

imageHippo Kava

The Luangwa River, the home of banana paper, is said to have the highest density of hippos in the world. With the keyword "connection between people, nature, and living things" of banana paper, parent-child designs of animals were born.

>> Kamiteria


Zebra Zebra

Zebra with beautiful white and black patterns. Zambian zebras are famous for their black and white patterns that extend to the tips of their legs and tails.

>> Kamiteria

TAPE Masking Tape

Banana Paper Story

Banana paper tape with silhouette design based on real photos of villages and wild animals in Zambia, the homeland of banana paper. When you turn around, the world of Africa expands.


>> Sealdo Corporation


Banana paper tape designed by popular designer Shinzi Katoh is now available! The design "Sorabea" is a character of the NPO "Sorabea Fund" that works to prevent global warming. In addition to the "cheer up" in the photo, there are many cute designs.


>> Sealdo Corporation

imageSora and Harp

Banana paper tape designed by popular designer Shinzi Katoh is now available! The photo shows banana paper masking tape 15mm wide.


>> Sealdo Corporation

LABELS Stickers, Labels

imageSeals, Labels

Social contribution made of banana paper & Birth of environmentally friendly stickers and labels! Why don't you make your own sticker label? It is also possible to keep the existing design and make banana paper labels. Please contact us for details.


>> Sealdo Corporation

WINE Wine Label

We can make custom-made labels such as wine labels, EAN code labels, etc. The photo is Takanenohana's original "ZUTANy" banana paper wine label. The texture of banana paper makes the watercolor design stand out beautifully.


>> Sealdo Corporation

ORIGAMI & CRAFT Origami, Paper Craft


The gentle texture of banana paper and the pleasant touch are origami. Have fun and protect the forest and wildlife!


>> Kurasawa Corporation

Paper Craft

African animal papercraft series. From just one sheet of A4 paper, African wildlife will appear! A set of 6 animals of Africa's most powerful animal "BIG 5 – Elephant, Rhinoceros, Leopard, Lion, Buffalo + Giraffe".

Banana Paper Craft Single Variety (Elephant)

The design is based on real animals from Zambia, the hometown of banana paper. In addition to elephants, there are also rhinoceros, leopards, lions, buffalo and giraffes. Size: A4, A3

>> Kurasawa Corporation

imagePaper Craft Single Variety (Lion)

The king of animals is the lion. There are also elephants, rhinoceros leopards, buffalo and giraffes. Size: A4, A3


>> Kurasawa Corporation



We propose containers according to the application. It is produced to order. Please contact us for more information.


>> Miyazawa Corporation


imagePaper Flower Banana Paper Flowers

It is a corsage made of banana paper. I would like you to wear it on your clothes or bag and expand the circle of fairdrade

>> Miyazawa Corporation