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Banana Paper in school books!

Our banana paper and Zambia is introduced in an entire chapter of the high school textbook “Power On” in Japan. First-year high school students in Japan use this for learning English. The book is published by the well known school book publisher “Tokyo Shoseki” and the book is certified by the Ministry of Education.

Chapter 5 is all about banana paper and Africa (Zambia) and we (One Planet Café) helped in the build-up. Many photos of our local Banana Team and partners in Zambia are also introduced.

We very honored that high school students can learn not only about banana paper, but also about poverty in the world and global citizenship. Also, students learn the wonders of Japan traditions (the traditional washi paper) through their English studies.

This textbook has been revised this year (2022j. All themes are usually changed after the initial 4-years period. However, the story about Banana Paper was the exception! All in all Banana Paper will now be posted for the next 4 years, and if you include the previous one, it will be posted for 8 years!


Publisher: Tokyo Books Co., Ltd.

Book of PowerOn English Communication

Web (Introduction of this textbook) here

Published February 2022