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“We are in business for Hope and Sustainability” One Planet Café is in the business of hope and sustainability. The name of One Planet Café expresses the idea of "one earth" where people and creatures live together with vitality, and "one earth" from the modern lifestyle that is said to use resources equivalent to 1.7 earths. Connecting with the world as "one planet" and realizing exciting businesses and partnerships between Japan and Africa within the scope of "one planet". We currently have offices in Japan (Tokyo), Zambia (South Luangwa) and India (Chennai).

■ Fairtrade Certification

One Planet Café is World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) certified. Fairtrade certification means business that is good for the planet and people. A third-party certification label given to organizations that meet 10 social, environmental, and governance guidelines and approximately 100 standards. Japan became the first Fairtrade certified paper producer.

Solar and wind offices

img_8343One Planet Café Japan secretariat is powered by wind power, and the Zambia office is powered by 100% solar. Both offices are made with environmentally label-certified building materials or bioclimatic technology (how to plan for the sun, wind and introduce natural ventilation and light for a healthier workplace). We have succeeded in reducing waste and CO2 emissions by about 90%. Water and energy consumption has been reduced by more than 50%.

■Company Profile

Name One Planet Cafe Inc.
Established. Feb 2012
Capital stock 8 million yen
Director President & CEO : Satoko Ekberg Director, Environment Manager : Peo Ekberg
Head office location 〒105-0011 Lek Shiba Park 1101, 2-11-13 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5776-6228
MAIL info(a)
Business Areas
●Consulting Consulting & Lectures Consulting and lectures on the themes of the environment and sustainability ● Paper Paper Production and sales of banana paper ●Tours Study & Study Tour Africa – Nature, Wildlife, Social Contribution, Social Business Sweden – Ecolife, Ecohousing, Green Economy India – BOP Business, Organic Goods
Overseas Bases

ZAMBIA Zambia | One Planet Cafè Zambia (NPO One Planet Cafe Zambia), South Luangwa, AirportRd Mfuwe.

SWEDEN SWEDEN | One Planet Sweden, Visby City, Gotland.

GREEN FACTORY  Green Factory   Details


Examples of achievements (including achievements in OneWorld Network): We have been planning and implementing inspection tours for more than 15 years, giving more than 500 lectures and workshops in total, and consulting many times. Lectures and Workshops Sony Headquarters, Taisei Corporation, Kao, Swedish Embassy, Bandai, Kawasaki Compact Seminar Kawasaki City, Yamasakura, Kokuyo, Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ricoh, Rush, Keikyu Department Store, Chiba Bank, Suruga Bank, Asia's First International Fair Trade Conference, Reform Pro, Marche Izakaya Group, Tokyo Disney Resort, Roppongi Hills Hills Breakfast, Musashino University, Meiji University, Tohoku University, Tokyo Keizai University, Taisho University, Embassy of Sweden (Highlife Research Seminar), etc. Forum Hosted by the Ministry of the Environment, APDA Asian Population Development Association (Zambia Conference), Yokohama City, Ogasawara Island, Kitakyushu City, Sendai City, Chiyoda Ward, etc. Co-performers: Former Ambassador of Sweden M. Lindström, former Minister of the Environment Yuriko Koike, Hiromasa Ototake, musician Bonnie Pink, etc. Consulting Automobile manufacturers, general trading companies, printing companies, cosmetics manufacturers, food manufacturers, department stores Media  NHK WORLD (TV) Environmental program anchor 2 years / J-WAVE (radio) "LOHAS Sunday" navigator 1 year / Tokyo FM (radio) "ecolo music" navigator 3 years / Newsweek Newsweek (international magazine) Tokyo Eye Column written: Global Warming Countermeasures  

■Introduction of Officers

imageSatoko Ekberg, CEO / President

Born in Japan. For many years, he has been engaged in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) consulting for companies related to Japan, Europe, the United States, and India, environmental management strategy, human resource development support, and network management in industry, academia, government, and the private sector. Planning and development of the Ministry of the Environment's Environmental Human Resource Development Consortium at E-Square Co., Ltd., a leading CSR company, and master's program at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University, "Advanced Environmental Policy and Technology Management Human Resource Development Unit (SEMSaT)" for working adults. Launching and operating In addition, he is involved in facilitating corporate expert dialogues and discussions, and third-party opinions on CSR reports (e.g., KDDI, Ajinomoto Co., Calpis, and Oriental Land). In the fall of 2007, he established One Planet Café Zambia, a place for adults to learn in Zambia. In order to realize sustainability, we will support businesses through equal partnerships between Japan and Africa, as well as BOP business for companies.  Director of E-Square Corporation (2002-2015. CSR and environmental initiative support for companies, training, lecture), co-founder of One Planet Café Zambia, part-time lecturer at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University (2005-2015). Author of "Introduction to Eco: What We Can Do to Stop Global Warming" (co-author, Takarashimasha), "Miracle Technology Taught by the Earth" (co-author, Shodensha)

Message In order to realize sustainable development, we provide business and business development support that solves environmental and social issues. We would like to connect and further develop Japan's innate wonderful technologies, products, and services that are in harmony with nature, as well as our business style that considers people and culture.


Peo Ekberg Director, Environmental Manager

■ Click here for detailed profile (PDF file) Born in Sweden. After working as a leader of an NGO environmental organization and as a journalist, he established One World International Environmental Business Network in 1997, and has given more than 400 lectures on environmental solutions and sustainability nationwide Japan more than 100 times. Column writing, appearing and anchoring environmental programs on TV and radio (e.g. NHK World caster). In 2008, he was introduced on the BBC's web page Hero as one of the environmental leaders along with former US Vice President Al Gore and alpinist Ken Noguchi. In the spring of 2011, we started the banana paper project with the team of One Planet Café Zambia as a fair trade paper maker. For five years, he was a part-time lecturer at Musashino University in Tokyo (environmental policy theory). Book: Eco-Life guidebook "Introduction to Uchi Eco" (2007, Takarashimasha, 3rd edition). Other: Broke world records in soccer lifting at the age of 15 and 19.

Message As a journalist and environmental consultant for 27 years, he has visited more than 60 countries on 5 continents. I learned that while every country has environmental problems, there are always solutions. The real benefit and hope lies in the flora, fauna, and natural cycles with hundreds of millions of years of experience. One Planet Café is a green business practice and partnership building based on the rules of nature.

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One Planet Paper® Association Aoyama University Aoyama Gakuin University Mukumuku Hausu St Clemens Sustainable Consulting, Hotel (Sweden) COMACO (Zambia) CSL (Zambia) CHOICE HOTELS Comfort Hotel

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Prince, Andpheld, John, Susan, Florence, Mary, David, Jonathan, Levy, Elisabeth, Beatrice, Catherine, Elisabeth, Nickson, Ruth, Patrick, Ruben, Adriano, Richard.