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One Planet Paper®︎ Association

When we first started our banana paper journey, a little research showed us why other eco papers usually had failed: environmental focused organizations (like us) tried to do it “all by themselves” OR the paper industry tried to do the same – also “by themselves”. No real collaboration between the two expertised places.

This is the background to creating the One Planet Paper® Association!

Association members during one of our many Banana Paper exhibitions (Bottom left: visited by First Lady of Japan Mrs. Abe, Bottom right: visited by First Lady of Zambia)

One Planet Paper® Association is a network of paper manufacturers x printing companies x environmental experts x universities.  We have a shared vision of creating pne of the worlds most sustainable papers. A paper integrating both environmental and social value. Pir mission is to find ways to promote and spread “One Planet Paper®. We are currently 30 members (2023). We meet 4 times per year, exchanging news / development / ideas / challenges and knowledge towards both sustainability AND the paper & printing industry.

The slogan we use for both our Team in Zambia and the Paper Association in Japan is “Be Serious, Go Bananas! Let’s be serious in solving environmental and social problems, while also having the courage to take risks and having fun! 

The council website is here (

Click here for an introduction of joint research with the university (Tama Art University Graduate School)


Realize a sustainable paper business and paper industry that creates value for the environment and society.


Utilizing the objectivity, active influence, and communication power of partnerships, we will pursue and spread the banana paper to create value for society and the environment in accordance with the spirit of fair trade.

Meetings 4 times a year.

Our Challenge

Actions for sustainable development according to the Global Goals,  the wisdom, technology

・From “Made in Japan” to “Made with Japan”
Utilizing the wisdom, technology, and spirit of Japan to exchange, cooperate and support countries around the world, including Africa.

・Building Innovative Partnership
A new form of partnership in which member companies of the One Planet Paper® Association respect and enhance each other’s knowledge and expertise.

Main activities

1) Dissemination and activities of One Planet Paper®, participation in exhibitions and workshops

2) Research and dissemination of information on global trends related to environmental and social issues, fair trade, ethical purchasing, etc., as well as sustainable paper and corporate activities

3) Collaboration in product planning and sales activities


Banana Paper products exhibition of Association member companies

How to join

The One Planet Paper®︎ Association is always looking for participating companies. For more information, please contact info(a)oneplanetcafe(dot)com.

Date of Establishment

31 Jan 2013

Regular Members

30 companies in total (as of August 2022)

Advertising at Dream Co.
Eiko Co.
S-Unit Co.
Ohkawa Printing Co.
Ocean Planet Co.
Ohgawa Printing Co.

Kanae Co.
Kawase Printing Co.
Gifu Bungeisya Co.
Kyoei Printing Co.
Kurasawa Co.
Kochi Co.
gotop Co.
Sanplas Co.
Seal Do Printing Co.
Signax Graphic Design Co.
Shubi Printing Co.

Tanaka Sangyo Co.
Nakayama POP Co.
Fukuhaku Sogo Printing Co.
Fujipack Co.
Pritec Co.
Whitehouse Co.
Nisshindo Printing Co.
Miyazawa Co.
Yamazakura Co.
One Planet Café Co.


Association Address

2-11-13-1101 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo (One Planet Cafe Co., Ltd.)
Tel: 03-5776-6228

Organizational Structure

Chairman: Peo Ekberg
Vice President: Satoko Ekberg
Executive Director: Shinya Abe

History of One Planet Paper® Association

January 2013: Established One Planet Paper® Association

May 31~June 3, 2013
One Planet Paper® Association booth at the official side event of TICAD V – the 5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan. First Lady of Zambia visited the booth.

December 12~14, 2013
Booth at the 15th Eco-Products 2013, one of the largest environmental exhibitions in the Japan at Tokyo Big Sight

October 16-18, 2014
One Planet Paper Association’s first independently planned event “One Planet Paper® Festival!” was held at Ecomedia Salon, Tokyo.

October 2015 LUSH Largest Store Harajuku Omotesando Banana Paper Event Banana
Paper Talk Session & Workshop

October 2015 The 3rd One Planet Paper Fes! 2015 was held at Eco Plaza, Minato Ward
, sponsored by the One Planet Paper® Association.

In December 2015, we exhibited a booth at Eco-Products 2015 Japan one of the largest environmental exhibitions in Tokyo Big Sight. Japans First Lady Ms. Abe visited the booth.

February 2016 Southern Africa SADC-Japan Business and Investment Forum (photo below)
Southern African Ambassadors International Forum.
Lecturer: Peo Ekberg, Chairman, One Planet Paper® Association. Theme: “Banana Paper Business x SDG Sustainable Development Goals”. Exhibit: One Planet Paper® Association booth at Main Hall.

October 2016 The 4th One Planet Paper Fes! 2016 was held at Eco Plaza, Minato Ward
, sponsored by the One Planet Paper® Association.

December 2016 Exhibited at Eco-Products 2016 Japan one of the largest environmental exhibitions at Tokyo Big Sight
. Former Prime Minister Hatoyama and Consumer Affairs Agency Commissioner Kazumi Okamura visit the booth.

October 2017 at Eco Plaza, Minato-ku (Photo below)
“The 5th One Planet Paper Festival! 2017” sponsored by the One Planet Paper® Association

December 2017: Exhibited at Tokyo Big Sight in the SDGs zone of Eco-Products 2017
Japan one of the largest environmental exhibitions.

October 2018 The 6th One Planet Paper Fes! 2018 was held at Eco Plaza, Minato Ward
, sponsored by the One Planet Paper® Association.

June 2019 at Eco Plaza, Minato-ku (Photo below)
“The 7th One Planet Paper Festival! 2019” sponsored by One Planet Paper® Association

October 2020 At Eco Plaza, Minato Ward,
the 8th One Planet Paper Festival 2020 was held by the One Planet Paper® Association

October 2021 At Eco Plaza, Minato Ward,
the 9th One Planet Paper Fes! 2021 was held by the One Planet Paper® Association

November 4, 2022 we held the first real event in three years. Our 10th One Planet Paper® Featival in Tokyo. Lectures, Exhibitions, Experiences!!