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Our office and factory buildings in Zambia were built BY HAND, and are almost entirely powered by renewable electricity. A power plant for biogas, an energy source generated from garbage, is also under construction.

Installing a “solar tree” at the Green Factory in Zambia. We run two of our buildings on this solar power, including refrigerator, lighting, and charging of computers and mobile phones.

Can solar power reduce poverty?

For team members, “charging the phone for free” help them save extra money! In rural areas, mobile phone charging often comes with a fee. All Team Members can charge their phones and other mobile equipments for free at our Green Factory.

Standing in front of the Solar Tree! The office behind the building and the following two buildings is run by this solar power.

In areas above 40°C, a refrigerator is a welcome help to chill drinking water! Moreover, since it is a solar refrigerator, there is no need to worry about power outages that occur in rural Zambia.

The solar powered office and charging works!! 


In 2019, we started a biogas project supported by SIDA Sweden. We plan to connect the gas generated from organic plant waste, to the factory kitchen. 

Biogas facility under construction

Team members Kennedy and Rueben helping to build the biogas place.