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The Global Goals (SDGs) goal 6: “Clean Water and Sanitation”

The place of our Green Factory was a previously degorestated area, with almost no trees. There wad no electricity and no water. The first step was to find water. We drilled a deep well – or borehole – to find safe water.  We had a water test at Zambia University, that meets the standards according to United Nations (WHO).

Since we found safe water, we share this water with neighboring villages inviting them to draw water for free. 1 hour in the morning before the start of our work, and 1 hour after the end of work at the factory. Thanks to banana paper, about 500,000 liters of safe water are used in the village annually, supporting the basic health of many familes.

Photo: Free safe water from our Green Factory is provided to our neighbor villages

The village’s  boreholes  are shallow, salty and can dry up during the dry season.

When wells dry up, people are sometimes forced to dig holes in nearby rivers for water…
After we found water at the Green Factory, the well was opened to the villagers. A lot of buckets are lined up! In collaboration with the Japanese water company Utsunomiya (Tokyo Headoffice) we have since supported drilling boreholes for several banana farmers as well.