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SDG 4: Quality Education

In Zambia, especially in rural areas, there are many people who have grown up without adequate access to primary education. Even among our banana team members.

Thanks to banana paper…

…more than 200 children have been goven the chance to go to school. 4 children were able to proceed to college! *) *) In sub-Saharan Africa, only 6% of young people go on to higher education institutions (global average: 26%) Source: The State of Education in Africa 2015

Thanks to the efforts of the national government and international support, the environment in which children in the village receive education is gradually improving. However, education for adults are few and apart. In promoting children’s education, it is very important for adults to understand the importance with education.

One thing we lack in many countries, is providing textbooks for adults. Most basic education is for children. Using the same content for adults, as for children, may hurt the pride as adults. This is also an opportunity for text book producers. Maybe you can help?

At the banana paper factory, we promote education for adults, such as basic mathematics/calculations during real work tasks , simple reading and writing practice in work reports, and learning about household budgeting. We also conduct many meetings in Emglish with translation into the local language Nyanja – reculting in an improvement of communicating in English. Most Team Members today speak English little embarrassment. Team Members often also talk about sending their children to school with a pride and imcrease confidence!

Visiting a school where some of the children of our Team Members now attend. With visiting banana partners from Japan!

With the support of Choice Hotel in Japan, an educational frameworkd on the SDGs was established!

Some of our early day’s classes before building the Green Factory.