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PRODUCT Sustainable Packaging

As we move towards a post-plastic world, there is a growing interest in packaging made of biodegradable materials. Our banana paper add an extra social and environmental value to this. One Planet Paper® has already developed packages for various clients.

With LUSH co-founder Rowena Bird (Tokyo, 2017)

Our Banana Paper at LUSH Tokyo, Harajuku store

Sustainable Packaging

A 2015 consumer survey towards Sweden, the United States and India, 20% of respondents said they would not buy a product even if the product was good for the environment or society, while the wrapping was not. One in five people are also conscious of packaging and packaging.

Regulations towards plastic are advancing each year. More and more consumers choose products with less or no packaging. This is also called ecological footprint. Adding value to nature and the eco cycle is called ecological handprint. Banana paper – done correctly – is a handprint. If you need an alternative to wasteful packaging – while at the same time want to create an environmental and social value – we are here for you!


LUSH Japan Soap Box Released in 2017

Banana bag in 2018. Paper bags containing Zambian fairtrade banana fibers.

LUSH is a natural cosmetics and soap company born in the UK. LUSH has a strong fan base for its pop and colorful soaps, bath salts, and body creams. LUSH products are also made with ingredients including organic, fair trade, vegetarian, and animal welfare. LUSH Japan started using banana paper products such as gift wrapping, tags, shop cards, business cards, and paper pens. LUSH Global now uses our fair trade banana paper in 20+ countries on five continents (2022). LUSH Website

*from the LUSH Japan website

Christmas Christmas Gifts

Christmas exclusive gifts and classic gifts. Not only the packaging, but also the tag is banana paper!


In addition to adopting banana paper products, we also held talks on the story of banana paper and global sustainability at LUSH Japan store managers meetings and store events. We are proud to share values and build partnerships with the LUSH Team!

Lecture at the LUSH store manager meeting

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