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    One Planet Cafe Ltd. was born out of Africa, and registered in Japan. We do business and build partnerships between businesses in developing and developed countries who share our value towards Sustainable Development.

    In 2016, we become a Fair Trade Verified company (WFTO - World Fair Trade Organization).

    Our VISION is a world without poverty and environmental problems.

    Our MISSION is to prove that it is possible to live, enjoy and do exciting business within ecological limits - within One Planet.

    Our business areas include 3 pillars:
    LECTURES - and consulting
    BANANA PAPER - a Fair Trade paper

    We have OFFICES in 3 countries: Japan (Tokyo Head Office), Zambia (South Luangwa), Sweden. All run on mainly RENEWABLE energy, like solar, wind and geothermal energy.

    We are 22 TEAM MEMBERS (2021). We emphasize diversity: our team members are from 3 different countries and 3 different continents representing different religions. Around 50% of our team leaders are WOMEN.


    - One Planet Paper (R)

    Our BANANA PAPER - One Planet Paper®︎ - has received much attention here in Japan, and is a 3-times Award-winning quality fair trade paper. Clients include companies in natural cosmetics, eco cars, insurance, electronics and Universities.

    Article in English here.

    In a unique partnership for sustainability, our local Zambian team at NPO One Planet Cafe Zambia produce a Fair Trade raw material from organic banana waste, that paper experts in Japan and UK turn into a high quality paper. We as sustainability experts are the overall producers while the EcoCycle and GLOBAL GOALS are our guidelines.

    It has been introduced in many Japanese TV and Radio programs - as well as many magazines/newspapers and even in a school text book for Japans Senior Highschools.

    Starting in 2011, we now have a consortium for Banana Paper - the "One Planet Paper Committee" - with 25 member companies (2021) from the Environmental x Paper x Printing x Packaging and Design industry.

    - One Planet Café Zambia

    Our Zambian NPO Team and was established in Africa, together with local men and women living in extreme poverty in rural Zambia. We are established 20 km outside the worlds first Sustainable National Park - South Luangwa National Park

    Except for producing the raw material to banana paper, we also make organic Fair Trade HANDMADE banana paper. At the same time, we do training towards Sustainable Development integrating all 17 Global Goals, including basic health training, biodiversity protection, and training in household budgeting.

    - One Planet Study Tours (Sweden, Zambia)

    We organize holistic Study Tours for Sustainability. Participants include citizens, organizations and businesses. SWEDEN: one of the top ranked countries in Sustainability (SDGs). ZAMBIA: Biodiversity protection and poverty eradication.


    "It's time to invite the rest of the speices".

    It's time to work WITH nature instead of against it. So in 2012, when we established One Planet in Japan, we decided to try to collaborate with all speices on the Planet!

    SATOKO EKBERG - CEO (woman/Japanese)
    Satoko has many years of experience in the CSR-field (Corporate Social Responsibility) working as director and consultant for one of Japans leading consulting firms in the field, E-Square Inc. Satoko has worked with many of the largest corporations in Japan - including major car companies, electronic companies and government (environmental ministry) - introducing environmental education strategies and developing e-learning materials. Satoko was a university guest lecturer at Tohoku University for 10 years. Satoko has co-authored two environmental books in Japan.

    PEO EKBERG - Director, Sustainability Producer (man/Swedish)
    Peo has been an environmental consultant for over 20 years in Japan and Sweden. In 2008 he was one of several persons recognized as environmental experts in Japan (BBC Japan Website 'Hero'). Some of his clients has included small and large companies in electronics, toy making, car maker research center, paper makers and energy sector. Peo has been an environmental DJ/commentator for radio programs and co-host for environmental documentary series on Japans National Television NHK (2 seasons), guest lecturer at Universities in Japan (environmental science and sustainability).
    *He has broken 3 worldrecords in soccer ball juggling, and participated at one of the opening ceremonies of the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan-Korea.

    NPO One Planet Café Zambia
    Prince, Beatrice, Jonathan, Susan. Our 4 Team Leaders in Zambia - 2 women and 2 men - are involved in day-to-day micro management, production and administration support.

    One Planet Café Ltd.
    WEB: www.oneplanetcafe.com
    CONTACT: info(a)oneplanetcafe.com

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