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    Banana Paper

    Supporting people, elephants and climate

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    Sustainability in Reality

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Hope and Sustainability

Business of Hope and Sustainability

The world is undergoing major changes toward the achievement of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by 2030 and the creation of a sustainable future beyond that. Sustainability initiatives are no longer an obligation for companies and organizations, but an exciting theme that enhances corporate strength and creates new business opportunities. One Planet Cafe Inc. has many years of sustainability experience and operates in Japan, Sweden and Africa. Based on sustainability principles and Swedish success stories, we support hopeful sustainable businesses that can connect with the world's people and creatures with the planet's worth of resources. In 2016, we obtained Fairtrade Certification (WFTO), and in 2020, we were recognized as one of the 15 companies that are working on SDGs by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Our Service

We are engaged in three businesses.

Lectures & HandsOn

Lectures, Training, Hands-on

In order to deepen understanding of the rules (principles) that are the essence of sustainability, students will acquire the ability to apply and take action. Lectures and training by globally active lecturers cover topics such as basic understanding of SDGs and sustainability, introduction of new businesses and innovations that grow from the perspective of sustainability, and secrets of initiatives that produce results. We will also introduce many specific initiatives of Sweden, which leads the world.

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Study Tours

Inspection Tour

"It will be one of the most important journeys in life!" (one participant's words) This is an inspection program where you can feel and experience sustainability firsthand. The sites of the visit were Sweden, which ranked first in the world in the SDGs international ranking for three consecutive years, and Zambia, where biodiversity and the real Africa is present.

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Banana Paper

Banana Paper

Changing the world with a piece of paper? While solving poverty problems in Africa, we will protect the endangered elephant and protect the forests. We are making paper that creates new value for the environment and society. Beautiful banana paper, created in collaboration with Japan's historic washi culture, is the first Fairtrade certified paper in Japan. In Zambia, Africa, we have green factories that utilize solar power and other technologies.

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SDGs 169 Target

SDGs 169 Targets

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to solve major environmental, social, and economic issues and realize a sustainable society by 2030. There are 17 goals and 169 detailed goals called "targets". View more


  • One Planet Café  生物多様性への取り組み

    世界が目指すネイチャーポジティブに賛同し、弊社の事業を通じて次の取り組みを推進しています。 1.バナナペーパー事業を通して、貧困を減らしながら野生動物を守る アフリカ・ザンビアのバナナ繊維を使ったバナナペーパー事業では、再生速度の速いバナナを利用することと、途上国における雇用創出によって、違法な森林伐採を防ぎ、密猟を減らすことを通じて、ザンビア現地の森林…

  • 計画停電とソーラーパネル設置

    (English below) ザンビアの雨季が明けはじめた3月上旬のこと、国営電力会社ZESCOから計画停電の知らせが届きました。 当初、雨季明けに送電網のメンテナンスを行うこともあるため、限定的だろうと言われていましたが、事態は思うより深刻でした。 昨年11月から今年3月までの雨季は雨量が少なく、ここザンビアの主食の原料であるとうもろこしが一部の地…

  • オフィスから森を育てる

    世界で取引されている工業用木材の33-40%が紙パルプ産業で使われている*1、という調査報告があります。私たちの暮らしの中で身近なコピー用紙や雑誌、カタログ、ティッシュペーパー、紙包装パッケージなどの原料として使用されています。 また、気候変動対策として脱プラの動きが世界的に広がる中、紙資源の役割はさらに高まっています。 一方、「2030年までに、人と地…

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