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SOLAR LAMPS – for safety

The Banana Paper project promotes the use of solar lamps. It adds safety to villages that are lacking electricity. Just visiting the toilet at night (outdoor) is a risk without strong light. Our solar support system connects to the SDGs Goal 7: “Affordable and clean energy for all” (renewable energy).

So far, over 1,000 people have benefited from our solar support system.

In rural Zambia, many people live without electricity. At night, it is common to light with a mobile phone, a simple lamp filled with candles or even kerosene. This can cause health hazards through the smoke, and also leads to serious problems such as candles falling and burning houses, and small children getting burn injuries. In villages where there is no electricity, it is common to use candles in bottles. The Banana Team Members can buy new solar lamps through a monthly repayment system. We encourage this for a more healthy and safe life at home. In addition, through donations and support from Japan corporate supporters, we have received and handed out solar lamps to both Team Members, local Farmers, and a clinic lacking light.  The morning after one of our Team Members – Susan – received her first solar lamp, she said: “Last night, for the first time in my life, I was able to go to the toilet without fear of scorpions and poisonous snakes.” In the village toilets are located outside, and if there’s no light it is a risky few minutes..l Solar lamps adds to both safety and security.

Some of the solar lamps, reducing risks of smoke and fire accidents.

Introduction of solar panels and lamps to employees and farmers’ homes

Solar is also used to charge members’ mobile phones at the factory. Solar flashlights are also used to guard the factory at night. Some members of the banana team have cell phones. While working, charge with solar. In the village, it costs money to recharge, but solar is free.