“We are in business for Hope and Sustainability”
* In 2016 we became a Fair Trade Verified Company (WFTO – World Fair Trade Organization)


Our name – One Planet Café – comes from “living & doing business within the ecological limits of one planet“. Café means “a place where people meet and exchange positive ideas“.  As humans, we are using 1,7 Planets (*WWF Living Planet Report). One Planet also means connecting good ideas and success stories for Sustainability from different parts of the world – and from Nature. After all, nature produces no waste or extra CO2 and already use 100% renewable energy. Poverty and unemployment is almost nonexistent. So let’s invite the rest of the +5 million species and start doing exciting business for a better now and future!


image** In October 2016, we became a Fair Trade Verified Company, in accordance with WFTO – World Fair Trade Organization. 10 Principles and nearly 100 standards cleared by auditors in accordance to the 3 pillars for sustainability: Environment/Health/Economy + Governance. We are herby Japans 1st Fair Trade Paper producer. 


img_8343Our Tokyo office is run by Wind power, and our Zambia office is run on 100% Solar power. Both offices have been renovated & built with sustainability in mind – integrating over 100 different actions for Sustainable Development. Renewable energy solutions, environmental labeled materials, recycled materials, bioclimatic technology (calculating Sun and Wind for a decent working environment), non-chemical production, regenerating biodiversity, organic garden and building a SDG Lounge for capacity building towards the Global Goals. Some results: CO2 and Waste reduction by nearly 90%, Water and Energy usage reduced by over 50%.


Company Profile

* One Planet Café has green offices in Japan (Tokyo) and Zambia (South Luangwa) and is also represented in India (Chennai).

Company One Planet Cafe Ltd. 
Established 2012 February
Capital 8 million yen
Directors CEO: Satoko Ekberg 
Director, Environmental Manager: Peo Ekberg
Head Office

Tokyo, Japan  
Shiba Park 2-11-13-1101 Minato Ward 105-0011

Tel 03-5776-6228
Mail info(a)

Business Field

●Consulting & Lectures
Themes related to Sustainable Development, SDGs, environmental solutions, BOP, Fair Trade.

Producing banana paper – a verified Fair Trade paper.

Study Tours including life style and business training for Sustainable Development (SDGs). Places: Sweden, Zambia, India.

Fair Trade shop (online).

Overseas Basis

ZAMBIA  South Luangwa
NPO One Planet Cafè Zambia / Mambwe District, Airport Rd  Zambia

FACTORY  Green Factory
South Luangwa, Mfuwe, Eastern Province, Zambia

INDIA  Chennai



(including from our time at OneWorld Network and E-Square Inc.)

500+ Lectures/Workshops: Sustainable development, green & blue economy,  renewable energy, ecological housing, eco lifestyle, biodiversity, eco business and more. 

Clients: Sony (Tokyo head office), Tokyo Disneyland, Epson, Fujitsu, Bandai (Toy Co.), Ricoh, Lush, Kao, Suruga Bank, Yamazakura & Kokuyo (paper Co.), Mainichi Newspapers, Lumine department stores,  Asias 1st International Fair Trade Town conference, Reform Pro (housing Co.), Marche Group (restaurant chain), Roppongi Hills Breakfast business forum etc.

Universities: Musashino University, Meiji University, Tohoku University, Tokyo Economy University, Taisho University

Forums:  Japan Environmental Ministry,  APDA Asia Population Development Association (Zambia), British Embassy, Sweden Embassy, Yokohama City, Ogasawara Islands, Kitakyushu City, Sendai City, Chiyoda Tokyo Ward, with Sweden Ambassador M. Lindström and IKEA, with Japans Environmental Minister Ms Yuriko Koike, with Musician Bonnie Pink, etc.
Nissan Cars, Sojitz Trading, Kao Corporation, Reform Pro housing Co. , Tokyu Department stores

 NHK World (TV)  commentator for environmental documentaries (2 seasons), J-Wave (Radio) commentator for sustainability program (1 year), Tokyo FM (Radio) commentator (3 years),   Mainichi Weekly (Newspaper) columnist (6 months), Newsweek  (Magazine) column.



The Directors

Satoko Ekberg


Born in Japan. Since 2002, Satoko has worked with CSR, Sustainability and BOP-related consulting and on-the-ground implementation. She has worked with large Japanese corporations including Nissan cars, Panasonic, Hitachi, KDDI (IT) and Ajinomoto (food co.), but also Japans Environmental Ministry – developing capacity building programs and e-learning courses for Sustainability. As Director for one of Japans leading environmental consulting firms E-Square Inc. (2002-2015) Satoko has experience working in relation to international companies in EU, USA, India. Satoko was involved in creating a international Master Course for Sustainable Development at the top University Tohoku University(SEMSaT)」where she also was a guest lecturer for 10 years. She has co-authored two environmental books in Japan. 


Peo Ekberg

imageDirector, Sustainability Producer

Detailed CV here (pdf) >>

Born in Sweden. Environmental Journalist for nearly 30 years, and independent environmental consultant and educator working in Japan and towards Sweden. Peo is a recognized environmental and Sustainability expert in Japan. In 2008 – alongside Al Gore – BBC’s Japanese Website “HERO” introduced Peo as one of Japans Environmental Leaders. He has held more than 300 lectures about environmental protection, green and blue economy in relation to Sustainable Development. Peo has participated as consultant/speaker at international conferences including UNs Earth Summit (2002 South Africa) and Fair Trade Towns Conference (2014 Japan). His clients include small and large companies in Sustainable housing (green buildings), electronics, paper making, banking and energy sector. Peo was a commentator for environmental radio programs (4 years) and environmental documentary TV series at Japans National TV NHK (2 years). Peo has also been teaching environmental science and Sustainable Development at three Universities in Japan, including Meiji University, Musashino University (6 years).  *NOTE  Peo has broken 3 World Records in football juggling.



Our Partners


One Planet Paper Committee (consortium for sustainable pulp & paper/Japan)

Eco Cycle Housing Association (consortium for green buildings/Japan)

St Clemens Hotel  (environmental labeled hotels/Sweden)

WSP  (green building consultant/Sweden)

Tribal Textiles (Fair Trade textiles/Zambia)

COMACO (Community Markets for Conservation/Zambia)

SLCS  (wildlife & national park conservation/Zambia)



One Planet Café – our Team in Zambia

Billy, Satoko, Andpheld, John, Susan, Florence, Mary, David, Peo, Evelyn, Jonathan, Levy, Elisabeth, Josephine, Beatrice, Catherine, Elisabeth, Nickson (plus Prince, Ruth, Rajab, Ruben, Adriano, Richard)