Consulting | 講演・研修・コンサルティング

Solutions for Tomorrow & Sustainability in Reality

Working as consultants and lecturers for Sustainability, LOHAS and CSR for over 20 years, we will guide you towards Solutions for Tomorrow, and Sustainability in Reality. Based in Tokyo, we collaborate with companies, municipalities and experts in Japan, India, Zambia and Sweden – the No 1 ranked country on the 2016 SDGs international ranking

What sets us apart from most other environmental and sustainability experts, is our direct experience in implementing Sustainable Development. We don’t only talk, we walk! Our two main pillars: 1. Solutions for Tomorrow –  ideas and examples of global Best Practices. 2. Sustainability in Reality – based on our Sustainability and SDGs projects in Japan and Africa. 


Our Sustainable Development implementations


1. Sustainable Apartments and Lifestyle spaces.


One Planet House® is our registered brand for Sustainable living.

We are helping Japanese housing companies build Sustainable living spaces under our brand One Planet House®. We have for example built (renovated) one of Japans most advanced Eco Apartments, reducing overall environmental impact by over 70% compared to the average Japanese home. Place: Tokyo


2. Green Factory in Africa. 

We built one of Africa’s first SDG Factories – connecting to all 17 Global Goals – using ecocycle-adjusted green building materials, local & recycled materials, enviro-licensed wood, renewable energy (solar etc), bioclimatic practices and capacity building for Sustainability. Place: Zambia


3. Fair Trade verified paper & Sustainable Packaging

One Planet Paper® – the Fair Trade paper.

We have developed Japans first ever Fair Trade Verified printing & packaging paper, under the brand One Planet Paper®. It’s a unique paper made out of organic banana fibers integrating all 17 Global Goals, making it suitable for Sustainable Packaging. In partnership with African farmers and Japanese Washi paper factories. Place: Zambia and Japan.


SDGs lectures and workshops

For companies, educators and government/municipalities. We also do motivation-lectures for citizens/civic society. We can provide an insight to Best Practices that may lead to direct business opportunities.

1. SDGs and what we can do in reality – as private citizen, as a business, as government

2. Sweden – a SDGs top ranked nation. Vision, background, and results.

3. Sustainability basics. The balance between environment, money and us.

4. Sustainable product development. Environmentally correct actions based on the rules of Nature, the Eco Cycle and biodiversity.

5. Sustainable Renovation & Eco LifestyleGreen Factory building basics & education.

6. Social business in Africa, India. Fair Trade & Ethical thinking, inclusive business.

7. SDG Education and Human Resources – workshop/training. 


Our main Team




Satoko Ekberg  –  Japanese  (CSR, Strategies)

Peo Ekberg  –  Swedish  (Basic and Holistic Sustainability)

Shravan Shankar  – Indian  (Entrepreneurship, Value creation).

Christian Schmitz – German  (World Innovation Forum repr.)

One Planet Cafe Ltd. is also a WFTO-verified company (World Fair Trade Organization). Our Company profile.



Our history and clients – 500+ lectures and seminars


CLOCKWISE: National Managers’ conference (Business/Japan),  Asian African Population Development conference (Politicians/Zambia),  Climate Change solution seminar (Citizens/Japan),  Sustainable Housing seminar (Builders/Sweden Embassy)




COMPANIES: Sony Head Office Tokyo, Disneyland Tokyo, Bandai (toy maker), Maeda Housing, Yamazakura (paper maker), Ricoh, Tokyu Department Store, Suruga Bank, MukuMuku House (housing company), others.

MUNICIPALITIES: Japan Environmental Ministry, Kitakyushu City, Chiyoda (Tokyo), Yokohama City, Kawasaki City (Global Compact Kawasaki version) , others.

UNIVERSITIES: Meiji University, Tohoku University, Musashino University, Tokyo Keizai (Economy) University, Taisho University.

JOINT LECTURES: with Sweden Ambassador to Japan M. Lindström, with Japan Environmental Minister Y. Koike, with Musician Bonnie Pink, with Author H. Ototake , others.


A major Car Company, Trading Company, Printing Company, Cosmetics Company, Design Company, Restaurant Company, Electronics Company, Food Company, Media, others.